Nursing Career in US

Are you looking forward to building your career as a nurse? Well, for you, there can be plenty of options. Here, we have listed down some of the major choices you can select so as to create for yourselves a route to success in your nursing career.

Hospital Nurse

Obviously, this is the first option when it comes to wonderful career in nursing. If you have completed your diploma or graduation in nursing you can have the option to begin your career as a nurse in one of the hospitals in the US.

Personal Home Care

Personal home care is common these days. Many of those elderly people who may not prefer to join a nursing home look forward to taking personal home care services. The job can offer more freedom and it can be equally rewarding as well.

Nursing Homes

At nursing home, you will have to display exceptional skills. You would show how good you are at independent thinking, assessment of problems faced by the patients, how good you are at resolving the problems etc. You can apply for junior or senior position and slowly can move to a level of staff nurse. Generally, RNs are preferred for staff nurse positions.

Old Age Homes – Staff Nurse

There are a large number of residential care centers, old age homes, community centers where there is always a requirement of qualified and experienced nurses. If you are the one who has got the qualities in you to deal with patients who may need assistance with day-to-day requirements then you can be the right fit for the role of staff nurse.

Phone Triage / Triage Nurse

This can put you squarely in a role which requires you to be expert at listening to problems of the clients and offering them best possible healthcare solutions. You will have to probe a little more to find out the problems and offer a solution for the same, fix appointments etc. Career in it can be lucrative but you may have to begin at a low level.

School Nurse

For all those who are looking for some time for their family and friends can go for more flexible career option. Yes, you can start working as a school nurse. Here, work will be around 9-10 months. There will be off on weekends to. Plus, there can be vacation to enjoy with family and friends. But, the role can be a bit challenging as you may be dealing with small kids. Yes, it can be difficult to manage kids and you will have to have extra skills in yourself to be more proficient at taking care of their health.

Pediatric Home Care

For all those who would like to practice outside hospital, institution or care center can go for pediatric home care profession. If you are comfortable about assessing the needs and finding a solution for the same then you can go for it. This can be challenging but it can be equally rewarding as well.