Nursing and Healthcare Management

Difference Between Nursing and Healthcare Management

Nursing and healthcare management are two different terms but have often been used interchangeably. Often, candidates think that they can have the option to work as a healthcare management professional even after completion of their degree in nursing (or their chances to work as a healthcare manager increases when there is a master’s degree in nursing but that is not true). Because, nursing and management are two different roles which would require different set of skills. Nursing is purely connected to clinical field where as management is connected more to business side of health care industry.

There are various healthcare education programs which the candidates can choose from. But often, which career path can be the best would be a difficult question for the candidates.

Let us say, you have completed your graduation degree in nursing. Now, after completion of it, you have decided that you would not want to work directly with the patient and would in fact want to focus more on the business side of the healthcare industry. This would mean that you will have to pay more attention on business administration or business management. So, in order to tweak your career path a little from nursing career to healthcare management you will have to undergo MBA in healthcare so that you can have the option to work in any of the hospitals or home care agencies as a healthcare manager.

So, this clears out that the health care management and nursing are two different routes. A nurse can have the option to go for higher master’s degree in nursing or can have the option to go for management (connected more to healthcare industry).

To be precise, both are great options and can be lucrative for professionals.

In a nutshell, difference can be listed down as follows:

Healthcare Management

  • This is specifically for those who aspire to become business leaders / who would like to harness the power to business to improve their overall health care services or management.
  • Candidates will have to undergo MBA (that is with more focus on health care industry). It would be certainly from regular master’s degree programs in business administration or business management.
  • The healthcare-focused MBA will deal with all that is there to effectively manage all hospital operations.
  • Candidates will learn more of technical skills, financial and strategic skills to operate more effectively.
  • After completion of the course, the candidates can have the skills to take managerial role at hospitals.

Nursing Career

  • A degree in nursing is enough to start your career in nursing.
  • For those who are looking for advanced skills can go for Master’s degree in nursing.
  • Nursing career in clinical field (not related to healthcare management)/
  • Deal with patients directly, help them get well. Provide nursing assistance as required.
  • Have great work opportunities (can work in hospitals, clinics, schools (as school nurse) and various other sectors where nursing is regarded to be important).
  • They will have the great opportunity to work in The USA and Canada if they have NCLEX.
  • Whether you take a health-care focused MBA degree or master’s degree in nursing, you can certainly have a great career.