Common Misconceptions About NCLEX

Most of the candidates have misconceptions about the NCLEX. So, here we have listed down some facts so that you can get to know more about test.

Common Misconceptions

1 NCLEX is simple. It can be easy to get through it

Do not take it to be simple. In fact, it is one of the toughest tests which every nurse will find difficult to get through.

2 A nurse with good understanding of nursing will be able to get through it

It is right that a nurse with good nursing skills will be able to get through it but still it is not completely true because, even those who have good knowledge of the nursing struggle when it comes to answering the questions in the right way. In fact, many of the nurses who answer the question based on their past experiences or their knowledge of nursing fail to perform well. Therefore, it is suggested by the experts that the experience shall not be allowed to cloud the ability to answer the questions in the right way. There is always this need to think more creatively to answer the questions correctly.

3 There is a need to get high percentage if you would like to pass NCLEX

To be honest, there is no specific percentage or number when it comes to getting through the test. The number of questions you may get will be depended more on how well you answer them. The difficulty level rises up when you answer each and every question correctly.

4 It may not be possible to attempt it second time when you are failed once

If you are not lucky to get through it for the first time then there is always this chance for you to apply for the exam second time, prepare well for it and get through it. A candidate will have the option to retake the test at least eight times in a year. Upon being failed, the candidate will have to wait for about 45 days to apply for it again.

5 All A’s in graduation certificate will be advantageous

Your graduation score can’t be linked with the test. This will not be taken into consideration. The test will evaluate nursing skills in a more innovative way and you are required to prove yourself again that you are capable enough to work in any clinical settings and that you have the required understanding, knowledge and skills to respond to anything when it comes to performing your nursing role.

6 Practicing before real test is not needed at all

Learning more about the exam or spending time to practice answering the questions correctly is crucial. Without enough practice, it may not be easy to pass this test. Therefore, spend time for NCLEX preparation to breeze through it with.